Becoming a Nurse; Chronicles of being a student 

Hello reader, I decided to time travel to few years back and I could see the picture of my chummy cheeks, and simple smile. 

One morning in 2015

I choose not to use the word when I was a student, I  would be a student always in the school of wisdom, likewise I would be a student when I enrolled for post-graduate courses. 

I love the Nursing professional, it is a noble one, respected, and has to do with a lot of paying sacrifices. I remember vividly well my first experience in the ward, it was a pediatric ward, with children of different diagnosis. I learnt to divert little children attention from the pain they were going through. Pain is a general sign in most diseases, less regarded of the site and type of pain.

In that ward, were children who were lesser than age 5, those who suffered severe pain yet they chose to endure the pain, rather than crying so much to get their mothers worried, they would look calmly expressing a sad look on their face, under the effect of  running temperature. 

Then, I couldn’t fathom why some of these children did that. Maybe I never understood the concept of endurance, it dawned on me while writing this that those children though they were in deep pain, can read the fears inscribed on their parents face, and the trouble they displayed when they talked to the nurses on the doctors. They choose to sacrifice a little of what they have and know, just be keeping quiet, adhering to the nurse’s instructions when administrating an injection.

I mentioned earlier that I love nursing, not for everything that is done as a nurse but because of the payment of sacrifice. Each sacrifice rendered on the altar of service, to those in need of these services. In good health, in worsened situations, in provocative circumstances, we would always offer our unconditional love to our patients. Little or none of these sacrifices are paid back to us, we never get bothered of it is not paid, we pay sacrifices daily, everytime we are with a patient. 

Enduring difficulties was what I never thought I could learn. Few times some patients refused me administer medications to them or even get their wound dressing done. Moments I was ready to show forth my gift as a skilled nurse in the ward and a relatives asked me a question I  had no idea what they answer was, he concluded I knew nothing and insulted my intelligence. 

Days like that I was discouraged, disappointed at myself. I was pushed to the wall, while I walked out of the ward another patient would acknowledge my keeness to wanting to learn, my Skillfulness as just a student. My passion for my profession and high esteem I think of my patients. 

Oct 29th, 2017.

Each day I learnt to see the golden corral in my profession, in my white uniform. Just like the song Tribute to Nurses, nurses are always there day long, night short. 

I guess my chronicle is getting too long, I need to put a stop to it. 

Bottom line is enjoy what you do, if you can’t enjoy it, then change it. Perhaps you don’t have passion for it. 

Much love! 😍😍


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